Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent teacher meeting (PTM) is an effective way through which parents can discuss several issues regarding theirwards’ learning. Face to face communication with teachers immensely helps the parents to understand their wards performance and learning processes.

Since, PTM is often dreaded by the student, the most common challenge before any professional institute is the attendance of the parents in such meetings especially as the student progresses to higher classes.

Hence NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur follows a policy of appreciative enquiry where the teachers are encouraged to use these face to face interaction not only highlight academic problems faced by the students but also use this as a platform for appreciation.  Feedback about the student is given using the method recommended by Medical Education Technology (MET) unit that is: ASK, TELL & ASK again and the sandwich model of praise-tell-praise.

The PTM are organized and implemented by the Undergraduate(UG) Cell of NKPSIMS.The agenda of the PTM is structured & specific. It is held periodically just after every university unit midterm exam. It tells the parents about the student attendance, results and programs. The parent is encouraged to ask questions. All the parents of MBBS part I, II, Final first & Final second are invited well in advance by message using UG NKP App and also using individual telephone calls.  They are comfortably seated in a hall where they wait for their turn to interact with the subject teacher. All subject teachers are available with the student’s record of attendance and results.

Questionnaire based parents’ feedback is taken. Questions range from their ward`s performance in the general to performance of the college. It also addresses issues of infrastructure and usefulness of various programs introduced by the institute and following of the curriculum. Grievances of students if any, are also heard during these meetings.

These feedbacks are reported to the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)and the Dean for further action. Important, useful and feasible suggestions and feedbacks are discussed in the college council and concerned departments or persons are directed to take action where ever necessary.

Parents' Meeting-4th March,16